World Wide Remittances

We provide a free remittance service to clients all around the world!

With over 230 million people living outside of their countries of birth and with an estimated amount of $542 billion in remittance flows being sent in 2013, 'diaspora communities' across the globe require more effective and less costly remittance services to send their money earned abroad back home.

Exchange4free's mission is to provide the cheapest remittances and money transfer service in the world. Offering our clients a cheap and effective way to send money home to their families each month that doesn't result in excessive service costs.

To achieve this goal we utilize innovative technology, a global payout network allowing clients to remit money to over 100 countries, charge zero remittance transfer fees and provide extremely competitive exchange rates that ensure recipients receive the most money possible.

If you charge no fees, does that mean I will get a worse exchange rate?


On top of our free 'no money transfer fee' service, you will still receive our 'best price guarantee' where we quote the best competitive exchange rate in the market at which to make your remittance payment. Our margins are extremely competitive allowing us to out-price the banks and our competitors.

To which countries can I make remittance payments and what are my payout options?

Through our global payout network we are able to make remittance payments to over 100 countries via bank to bank transfer, cash collection or mobile money transfer. Our payout options are different for each country, please click this link: for a list of our sending country options.

For more information on cash collection points click this link:

Will my remittance recipient have to pay receiving fees?


We cover any receiving fee charges if you make an EFT bank transfer to your recipients bank account. There are no receiving fee charges on cash payouts.

How long will it take for my recipient to receive my remittance?

Once you have paid for your remittance and we receive your funds, our payment team will payout your chosen recipient or arrange your cash payout.

From the date that we receive the payment for your remittance, it will then take 1-3 working days for your beneficiary to receive the funds.

How do your cash collections work?

Once our payments team has arranged for your cash collection to be paid out, you will recieve an email with collection information for your recipient. In some cases this information will also be sent to your beneficiary. The email will include a 'password' or 'reference' number that your recipient will need to provide upon collection, as well as what identification (identification document, passport, drivers license etc) your recipient will need to show in order for the money to be paid out.

How can I track my remittance payment?

The status of any remittance transaction can be checked by going to the Track My Transfer page on our website.

All remittances transacted through Exchange4free are processed through the following statuses:

PENDING: This is the transaction status when the remittance is first booked online on our system
RECEIVED: Once your funds have been received by Exchange4free then the status of your remittance is updated to 'Received'
COMPLETED: Exchange4free make payment to your remittance recipients and complete the remittance transfer

Our system also sends clients emails and SMS's every time that the status of your remittance is changed from Pending to Received, and finally to Completed.

We service the top remittance corridors including India, China, Philippines, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam and Ukraine. Providing our 'best price guarantee' and benefits on every remittance transfer:
  • best exchange rate at which to make your remittance
  • no remittance transfer fees
  • recipients pay no receiving fees
  • no commission charges or hidden costs
  • secure an exchange rate online 24 hours a day
  • safe, secure and reliable remittance payments

Click here for information on countries to which we provide remittance services