Send a Payment Request

Send a simple Payment Request to a friend or family member overseas!

  • Login: Login using your Member ID and Password
  • Sign Up to Accept Payments: Go to Receive Money and choose Sign Up where you will create your bank account into which you want to be paid
  • Create a New Payer: Enter payer's detail to whom payment request will be sent
  • Amount Owed: Type in the amount the overseas payer owes or needs to pay you
  • Message: Write a personal message to the payer
  • Submit: Send the electronic payment request to the payer
The payer will then be Sent an Email with a Secure Payment Link here they can ACCEPT or REJECT the payment request.

The system will convert the Amount Owed into a Local Currency Equivalent for the payer to simply pay into a local bank account in their own country and currency.

Once we receive their payment we will pay over the Full Amount Owed to you in your nominated country and currency.

How to Receive Money and Payments

How to send a payment request

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