Currency Transfers

Use our online system to complete currency transfers to over 100 countries!

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How does making a currency transfer with Exchange4free work?

Our online system allows our clients to place currency transfers online in a matter of minutes in 5 easy steps.
  • STEP 1: you will need to enter your currency transfer details. This will include the country you wish to send money from and the country you want to send money to, as well as your preferred payout option. You can then choose to enter a 'sending amount' or a 'receiving amount'. The next step is to click Calculate' and our system will provide you with and exchange rate, based on your sending/receiving amount and the currencies you are sending from and to. If you agree to place your transaction at this rate, you can click 'Fix Rate and Continue'. This will book your currency transfer on our system.
  • STEP 2: you will be able to setup or choose from an existing beneficiary to whom your funds will be paid.
  • STEP 3: an overview of your transaction will be shown which you can again confirm.
  • STEP 4: you will select from the available options on how you would like to pay for your money transfer.
  • STEP 5: of the process is a confirmation that your currency transfer has been booked successfully.

We guarantee to save you money on every international currency transfer that you make with us. We offer our 'best price guarantee' on every transaction as well as the following great benefits:
  • the best foreign exchange rates to send your money
  • you'll pay no transfer fees to send your funds overseas
  • we'll cover any receiving fees, charged to your beneficiary
  • place money transfer transactions in minutes on our online system
  • transact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at your convenience
  • safe, secure and reliable currency transfers

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